The United States welcomes beingU

Welcome to the United States… beingU launched their lingerie collection at CURVE NY!!!


Our lingerie collection received great reviews from buyers, media representatives, and other industry professionals, who were all extremely excited by the look, feel and quality of our collection.

It was amazing for beingU to receive such a positive reception from the US.  We were asked so many questions about the brand and the collection, that  I wanted to share a few with you:-

How does it feel to have launched the beingU brand in the USA?  Incredible!  To have worked so hard and put our hearts, souls and everything else into getting here, it was hard to believe we were actually doing it.

Why did you chose to launch at CURVE NY?  From the moment we entered the lingerie market Curve NY was our target to launch in the US.  It has the credibility in the industry as the place to be if you are to choose one place to introduce your brand to the US market.

Why was it important for beingU to launch in the USA? Our initial research showed that, like the UK, in the US, women of colour are really under served in the lingerie industry. We feel we have a unique offering to the US in not only our True Colours range with our nude colours but also with our vibrant prints as well.

How was the brand received by visitors to your launch? Fantastic!  We were even voted  in the ‘Top Trend’ category by Groupe Carlin International, a tend forecasting and design agency for the fashion and consumer goods industries from Paris. We also feel particularly happy that Archelle-Monique Johnson from  won the $1000 worth of our products in the CURVE NY raffle. Who better to have won!



What for you was the most significant comment made about the brand?  “You are putting out stuff I have never seen before in the industry!  You have put your heart and soul into this…”  By one of my favourite lingerie bloggers, Treacle, Lingerie Addict.  So to hear her say this was just humbling.







What are the next steps for beingU?  To find the best fit specialist stores online and retail for our brand and to be available to our customers who are just dying to get their hands on our products if our emails we get everyday are anything to go by!

Anything else you’d like to say about beingU launching at CURVE NY?   The feeling of going from saying to my 14 year old I was going to make her bras so she did not have to go through what I have to being at Curve NY with our products being validated by the lingerie community is indescribable.  Also, we met so many people across the spectrum – The curve team, buyers, press, bloggers, photographers, other brands who we look forward to working with in the future.









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