Just one day until Valentine’s Day and for our second blog post I’d like to share what it means to be ME. When all that is loved; has been loved and waiting to love becomes the focus of one’s life! So I want to share some moments I have simply loved –

pink flower

 My Favorite Flower

Picture of a woman and man

These two ground me and make sure I am healthy!



Beach near home..


food market stall

If you want my attention then take me to a food market…


fresh seafood stall

Better still take me to a food market with seafood!

football match in barcelona

I try anything once…Football/Soccer match in Barcelona

posh dinner

I love food but I am more a feeder. The kitchen is where I go to relax. I cook most things and ready to learn to cook more!

sadia with her birthday cake

I love birthdays

sadia and her daughter

With the reason beingU exists.